A Short Critique on Thor Ragnarock

Hello everybody. I just got out of the theater from seeing the new Thor movie and wanted to share both my immediate and some what kind of thought out thoughts (this made no sense) on what I just saw.


What I just saw was not a bad movie by any stretch of the imagination. The action was solid, the writing was good along with the acting. But while the writing was good, I felt it didn’t fit the characters that were shown on screen. It also didn’t fit some of the situations the story portrayed.  The tone that was also set by the writing also didn’t feel quite right. It felt rather inconsistent especially with the actions and dialogue provided by some of the characters, namely Thor and Hulk along with Loki and the newly introduced Korg.

Spoilers ahead. Do not read any further if you haven’t watched the movie yet.

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Don’t Breathe Movie Review

Wow this movie was so intense, I almost fought the movie screen during one of the scares. Which is my usual reaction during horror movies cause I fucking hate horror movies.

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Suicide Squad = Most Meh Comic Book Movie of 2016

Suicide Squad. DC’s next cinematic universe attempt is here at last and it was okay. After the clusterfuck disaster that was Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, DC needed a good project to restore some faith that was lost for the DC Cinematic Universe. I think they did okay with this entry. They didn’t do as good as I hoped but they didn’t do nearly as bad as the critics made it out to be. When I found out this movie was scoring LESS than BvS, I was getting a little scared. You would have to be really hard pressed to be able to make more of a mess than BvS but SS wasn’t that bad. It was enjoyable at times with decent characters, good action and….that’s pretty much it. I can’t say I was a big fan of the story because I felt like it didn’t fit with the characters that were being used. There will be some minor spoilers that were shown in some of the trailers for the movie so be aware. Let’s get down to it.


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Hardcore Henry is Hardcore Fun

Excuse the horrible title but it’s honestly the best way to describe the movie without spoiling it and sounding like a wannabe critic at the same time.  We’re gonna keep this short and sweet and go straight to talking about the movie. Hardcore Henry is an action movie filmed in the first person perspective so it’s pretty often likened to popular video games like Doom, Halo and Call of Duty. If you haven’t heard about the movie, check out a trailer on Youtube and hopefully be impressed.

Uhhh, I’m gonna attempt to actually make this review SPOILER FREE because I enjoyed it so much I would like other people to enjoy it without spoiling my favorite parts of the movie.

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Batman V Superman is not a proud beginning to the DC Cinematic Universe

Batman V Superman Dawn of Disappointment Justice. 3 years of hype and the movie is finally here. Unfortunately all the hype is what ultimately leads to its downfall. It’s definitely not the worst superhero movie out there (go see X-Men Origins Wolverine) but it takes the task of establishing multiple characters for a brand new cinematic universe and fails on multiple fronts. Here is my review of the movie using a simplistic structure:

Story. Pros. Cons. Final Verdict.

There will be SPOILERS so if you don’t want to read that, leave now! Let’s begin.

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