Better Late Than Never: Gallant – Ology

Darkhouse album of the year, that’s for sure. And I don’t even like R&B like that.

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Frank Ocean – Blonde Review

I got two versions. I got twooo versions… Frank you magnificent man you. First you hit us with Endless then you hit us with THE album.

Thank you so much.

I got the Endless review right here if you want to check out my thoughts on it so let’s just get on with the review of Frank Ocean’s (third technically) second studio album Blonde (spelled Blond on the album cover).

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Frank Ocean – Endless Review

Last week may have been the best week ever if you were a Frank Ocean fan. We received not one but two albums! In 2 days! It had been 4 years since Channel Orange was released and that was pretty much the last complete piece of work we’ve received from the mysterious Mr. Ocean since then. He teased us with a Tumblr post. But months passed and there was still no word of anything. Many of us had lost hope. Frank even had Adele asking where the hell he was. Thankfully after months of relative radio silence outside of a few Tumblr posts, Frank came out of nowhere with a stream on his website which eventually lead to his Endless Visual album being released on August 19th and the internet lost its collective shit.

New Frank Ocean, get your dicks out!!

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Drake Views Review

So here it is. My first music review will be on what is most arguably the biggest rap album of the year in the form of Views from Drake. His first “album” since 2013’s Nothing Was The Same, it’s primed for big sales numbers as a result from all the hype from his most recent projects “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” a surprise you gotta pay for “mixtape” and “What a Time to Be Alive” another you gotta pay for “mixtape. Both released in 2015, the hype for the latest album has been real ranging from memes that were given birth from Hotline Bling to his feud with Meek Mill. Did he live up to it? Let’s find out track by track. But first a little history behind me and the artist in question.


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