A Short Critique on Thor Ragnarock

Hello everybody. I just got out of the theater from seeing the new Thor movie and wanted to share both my immediate and some what kind of thought out thoughts (this made no sense) on what I just saw.


What I just saw was not a bad movie by any stretch of the imagination. The action was solid, the writing was good along with the acting. But while the writing was good, I felt it didn’t fit the characters that were shown on screen. It also didn’t fit some of the situations the story portrayed.  The tone that was also set by the writing also didn’t feel quite right. It felt rather inconsistent especially with the actions and dialogue provided by some of the characters, namely Thor and Hulk along with Loki and the newly introduced Korg.

Spoilers ahead. Do not read any further if you haven’t watched the movie yet.

So while I enjoyed the movie, I felt at odds with the writing direction. While the writing was not bad, I felt it didn’t fit most of the characters. One of the biggest culprits of this particular issue is the title character himself.

From what I know from the comics and what we’ve seen in 4 movies that Thor has been in while in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor is a very stiff and rather uptight/serious character. Stemming from being raised by gods and being in a completely different realm from Earth, he is far different from most of the characters we encounter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and he is different in a way that can be endearing eg. not being familiar with human customs, mannerisms, etc.


He breaks away from that dramatically here in Thor Ragnarock to the point, I wasn’t even sure he was Thor anymore. From cracking jokes with the Hulk and Bruce Banner out of all people to sharing a bit of brotherly camaraderie with his traitorous brother Loki, Thor looks and acts like a completely different character altogether and its distracting from what’s been established in the previous 4 movies. I’m not at all adverse to jokes and I welcome them when they’re appropriate for the respective character and situation eg. Hulk vs Loki in Avengers 1 along with Hulk punching Thor in the same movie. I just didn’t feel like all the constant joking fit with what we’ve seen from Thor so far. I would bet good money that Thor made more jokes in this movie than the 4 other movies he’s been in combined and I don’t think that’s a good thing.

Now Hulk quite honestly was the character I had the least amount of issues with in this movie considering the context. Bruce Banner wasn’t a big problem either once again considering the context. The movie establishes that 2 years after Avengers Age of Ultron, Bruce Banner was in his Hulk form for the entirety of that time frame so it fits that Hulk would have the mindset of the child. I had no issues with that.
However, Hulk acting like a child for the entirety is kind of cringey at least for me because that is not what I grew to love the character for. I grew to love the character for his power, brute strength and straight up savagery, not because he’s so dumb he throws a fit when Thor makes fun of him. Or stops smashing because Thor told him to. Hulk is a straight up serious character because of the usual circumstances that bring him to be and this movie completely destroyed that. In a good/bad way. I was lukewarm to it honestly. The ending with Hulk attacking a giant Surtur and simply being thrown away was pretty funny thou.


Shit I almost forgot about Bruce Banner. Once again, considering the context within the movie, his behavior throughout fit for me. He’s trying to keep his composure while being in a completely unknown environment claiming that if he turns back into Hulk, he does not think he will be able to go back into Bruce Banner. But the writing takes this in a direction where he has to make jokes almost half the time. Mind you, most of them are awkward and subtle jokes so they aren’t as attention grabbing as Thor’s constant quips but I digress.



I have more to write home about but it’s rather disorganized and not consistent at all so I’ll stop here.
I enjoyed the movie but felt the comedy was rather out of place with the established characters and the various situations the story created. I feel like this movie would have been a ton better with completely original characters. If I had to give it a number, I’d say a 6/10 or a score in the lower 70 percentage in Rotten Tomatoes terms.


Thanks for reading. See ya


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