Don’t Breathe Movie Review

Wow this movie was so intense, I almost fought the movie screen during one of the scares. Which is my usual reaction during horror movies cause I fucking hate horror movies.

Alright so let me explain myself a little bit. I love movies but absolutely hate horror movies. Just hate them, totally hate them. Blame me getting exposed to horror movies at an early age. Lots of people have cited that being exposed to those kind of movies at an early age desensitized them to being scared of them and as a result, they grew to like those kind of movies. Me? The complete opposite. Being exposed to assholes like Freddy Kruger, Jason and Michael Myers totally fucked me up and made me hate all horror movies. I hate gore. I hate horror. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it.

So why in the fuck did I see this particular movie? It was a date.

The trailer looked half interesting. Seeing the trailer in the theaters upped the tension for me and I personally like tension and suspense filled movies. So despite the fact that the movie was being marketed as a horror movie (and after seeing it, it definitely is a horror movie), I was somewhat interested in seeing it. Just not by myself because I’m a little bitch who tries to fight movie screens when incredibly startled.


So there’s my history with horror movies. So now you know why I waited a few weeks to see this movie. If you don’t already know what the movie is about, the movie is about 3 robbers who decide to rob a blind man’s house. Apparently the blind man’s sitting on about $300k so the robbers decide to go for it. The story line sounds stupid because you immediately have no sympathy for the robbers but as one of the characters said in the trailer:

Just because he’s blind doesn’t mean he’s a saint, bro.




The tension and suspense:

The tension in this movie was ridiculously high and that’s in due part to the situations that the characters were finding themselves in because they thought they were clever enough to fuck with an blind old man they knew nothing about. The robbers trying to navigate through the house without getting murdered was intense as all fuck. Like I said before, you naturally wouldn’t feel sympathy for these characters but the overall brutality of the Blind Man was enough to unsettle me (and many other people in the audience) to hoping (and seeing) that they didn’t get brutally murdered.



The story:

I can’t say much about the story without spoiling it but I thought it was good enough to make the movie work. Robbers rob blind man’s house. Blind man fucks things up. Robbers try to run away. There are a few questions that get raised up throughout the movie but it’s a general plus for me.

Jane Levy;Dylan Minnette;Daniel Zovatto

Fuck you guys. Nevermind. Well except you Money.

The characters?

I honestly enjoyed Alex’s (he’s the skinny short hair dude) character as he was the only person who wasn’t just a total asshole. I mean Rocky (she’s the chick) wasn’t either but you gotta question that considering she’s fuckin around with Money (he’s the really ugly and obnoxious dude that dies in the trailer). All in all, the main characters weren’t very likeable outside of Alex. The story frames the Blind Man as simply defending himself but there’s more to him than meets the eye (HA HE’S BLIND) outside of being a very capable as fuck killer with an intimidating presence. HE’S FUCKED UP!!  All the characters/actors played their roles to a T and it was great to see come together on the big screen.


Hide Rocky hide.


None. Honestly, this movie was everything you want in a fantastic horror movie. Scares, gore, killing. Everything’s pretty memorable especially Stephen Lang’s performance. Things didn’t get too ridiculous as many horror movies get. It stayed gritty and real which means there wasn’t anything supernatural in the movie which is great since the genre is over-saturated with the stuff. I mean if you were coming into this movie expecting a deep story after seeing the trailer, you’re gonna leave disappointed. It’s pretty simple. UNTIL IT GETS REALLY FUCKED UP!!


“How many of you are there?”

Final Verdict:

I loved the movie. I loved the actors performances. I loved the thrills and intense tension the movie built as it followed the characters around trying to run away from this blind but incredibly dangerous and frightening old man. Like holy shit man, this movie really surprised me with how good it was. I think people should see it in the theaters because you can gauge how each particular scene strikes a chord with the audience and you know, you can react with them too. There’s this particularly RIDICULOUSLY GROSS scene near the end of the movie that had people absolutely gagging, it was nuts (hehe). Plus you should totally support quality movies. So go ahead, see it, you won’t regret it if you’re into these kind of movies and even if you’re not, I was expecting a semi decent horror movie coming in and I walked out with one of my top 10 movies of the year. Tension and suspense wise, I think it’s totally up there with 10 Cloverfield Lane which remains one of my top 3 favorite movies of the year (IT WAS SOOOOO GOOOOOD).

So that’s my review on Don’t Breathe. Uhhh, I’ve no idea the next movie I’m going to see. Nothing really comes to mind right now. So on the next movie review, you’ll find out as soon as I will haha.

Otherwise, thanks for reading. Catch you next time.



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