Better Late Than Never: Gallant – Ology

Darkhouse album of the year, that’s for sure. And I don’t even like R&B like that.

Gallant is an R&B artist I discovered a few months ago off of Youtube quite randomly. I came across two of his songs, most likely his 2 most popular songs, Open Up and Weight in Gold. I loved the music but didn’t see that he had an actual body of work outside of his Zebra EP which for whatever reason, I didn’t decide to check out at the time. Fast forward a few months later, I revisit Gallant and find out he’s released his first studio album, Ology. I finally check it out around in June or some time around that and my mind is BLOWN.

Like I thought Open Up and Weight in Gold was great but for an entire body of work to be utterly fantastic was so surreal. I’m mostly a hip hop/rap head who dabbles in other genres like Pop and R&B but holy shit this album is so great, it’s beyond great. So I’m a fan now. Let’s discuss the album in detail using my music review format, highlights and low points. Also I wanted to introduce my Better Late Than Never series. It’s a collection of reviews for movies and music that came out a while ago. Like a few months ago. For example, this album came out in April. I didn’t find out about it until June. And now I’m writing about it in August. I realize I’m a horrible person but I still want to write about it so I will.




Pretty much every song on this album is a highlight. It’s representative of a whole body of work, a kind of album that you listen to from start to beginning every time you want to listen to it because it feels like one giant song. Crappy way of describing it I know but that’s generally what I want to do every time I want to listen to Gallant. Every track from beginning to end excluding First and Last which are essentially beginning and ending interludes. You got Shotgun, Jupiter, Open Up, Weight in Gold which is arguably is most popular song because I’ve heard it used in advertising so quite honestly you have one hell of a stacked album. Jupiter is beyond fantastic because of the hard rock breakdown near the end where Gallant pretty much becomes a rockstar. Shotgun has one of the best hooks I’ve personally ever heard and it’s sung in such a way that makes it beyond memorable.

What good is a sword, next to a shotgun
What good is a sword, next to a shotgun
What good is a sword, next to a shotgun

Bourbon and Miyazaki are among the smoothest tracks on the album and that’s really saying something considering how fantastic the general sound for the entire album is. Chandra is pure emotion invoking art and Bone + Tissue was one of my early favorites until it got unseated by Jupiter.


Low Points:

Oddly enough, I think Skipping Stones which features Jhene Aiko might be the weakest track on the album. I can’t quite place why I don’t like the track but it just doesn’t gravitate to me like his own tracks. His vocals mesh well with Jhene for sure but it just doesn’t hit well with me. Just a personal thing I guess. I honestly dig the interludes , First, Oh Universe and Last so they’re not necessarily low points for me. Well except for the last few seconds of Last which is just noise that is not at all pleasurable for the ears. Otherwise, this album is solid as solid can be especially for someone’s first.



I met the dude during his show at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC in August and he was rather pleasant, signing all my stuff and posing for a pic. He was fantastic performing with his band here and got the crowd jumpin when he played Weight in Gold. We also talked about Smash Bros and him getting his ass kicked by Leffen. Hoping I can play the dude sometime.


So that’s my album review on Ology. I really enjoyed the album and his show when he came to New York City. It’s easily one of my top 10 favorite albums of the year thus far and considering I’m not a huge R&B fan, that’s pretty cool. His unique sound and voice makes him stand out and I’m excited for whatever new music comes from him.

My next review will be on another album that came out earlier in the year so keep your eyes out for that.

Otherwise, thanks for reading. Catch you next time.



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