Frank Ocean – Blonde Review

I got two versions. I got twooo versions… Frank you magnificent man you. First you hit us with Endless then you hit us with THE album.

Thank you so much.

I got the Endless review right here if you want to check out my thoughts on it so let’s just get on with the review of Frank Ocean’s (third technically) second studio album Blonde (spelled Blond on the album cover).



Can I just be a biased bitch and write “everything”? No? Aw.

Honestly, there’s so much to like about this album even though most if not all the material sounds nothing like Frank’s older works. If you were coming in expecting Channel Orange 2 or even a hint of Nostalgia Ultra, you were going to most definitely walk away disappointed. It doesn’t even sound similar to Endless which dropped the day before. I still can’t believe we got 34 tracks in 2 days. My body was not ready. Anyway, sound wise, Blonde is categorized as pop by iTunes and Apple Music but its definitely not in that mold. It’s kinda R&B, kinda soul, kinda gospel. Godspeed is definitely a gospel track which is funny because I generally dislike the genre but I really enjoyed the track. It’s not the first time Frank has gone with this kind of vibe and sound and had it sit well with me (Bad Religion).

I let go of my claim on you, it’s a free world
You look down on where you came from sometimes
But you’ll have this place to call home, always

A few favorites of mine are Solo, Nikes, Pink + White, Self Control and Nights. Solo was an early favorite my first time through because it was easy to remember. Nikes which I honestly didn’t like at first because the first half of the song had Frank’s vocals at a high pitch and we all know the dude has a good singing voice but after a few listens to the music video which dropped before the album did, I appreciate it now more than ever because it really sets the stage for the moment when his real voice comes in and it becomes a fantastic setup for the beginning of the album.

We’ll let you guys prophesy
We’ll let you guys prophesy
We gon’ see the future first
We’ll let you guys prophesy
We gon’ see the future first
Living so the last night feels like a past life
Speaking of the, don’t know what got into people
Devil be possessin homies
Demons try to body jump
Why you think I’m in this bitch wearing a fucking Yarmulke
Acid on me like the rain
Weed crumbles into glitter
Rain, glitter

Pink + White has an uncredited Beyonce featuring on it as background vocals (!!!!) with a summer vibe very similar to the general vibe of Channel Orange. Self Control is my personal favorite for the time being with the whole track backed by an acoustic guitar. It features accompanying vocals by Young Lean (who?) and Austin Feinstein (who are these people?) for the chorus setting the stage for a great vocal aided outro sung by Frank that is catchy and ridiculously engrossing.

I, I, I
Know you gotta leave, leave, leave
Take down some summer time
Give up, just tonight, night, night
I, I, I
Know you got someone comin’
You’re spitting game, oh you got it

You have the incredibly reclusive Andre 3000 completely taking over on the barely 1 minute long track Solo (Reprise) where he spits a furiously fast nostalgia filled verse with a very possible subliminal to Drake.

After 20 years in, I’m so naive
I was under the impression
That everyone wrote they own verses
It’s comin’ back different and yeah that shit hurts me

There’s more to write about what to like about this album including the two absolutely beautiful songs near the end, White Ferrari and Seigfried, but I think it’s better to hear for yourself and let you be the judge. I think the whole album’s fantastic and really emotion provoking. You can tell Frank spend a looong time on this album. Maybe the better part of the last 4 years since he released Channel Orange.  Who knows but all I know is that the album is truly embedded with emotion and it really shows as you listen to each track.

(In the dark, in the dark)
I’d do anything for you
(In the dark)
I’d do anything for you
(In the dark)
I’d do anything for you
(In the dark)
I’d do anything for you
(In the dark)
I’d do anything for you, anything for you
(In the dark)
I’d do anything for you, anything for

 Frank Ocean – Seigfried

Low Points:

Can I just be a biased bitch and write “nothing”? No? Aw.

In all honestly, I’m impartial to the 2-4 skits in the album (if you count Good Guy and the end of Futura Free as two). Facebook Story and Be Yourself aren’t the worst things in the worst and I honestly find Be Yourself to be quite charming because I can relate to it in the purest way (I don’t drink or smoke). I don’t usually like skits in albums so I usually remove them but I haven’t done that yet with this album. Like I said, they have a sort of charm so as of now, they’re still on my phone as I listen to the album on repeat day in and day out (that’s 6 days now).

Many college students have gone to college and gotten hooked on drugs, marijuana, and alcohol. Listen, stop trying to be somebody else. Don’t try to be someone else. Be yourself and know that that’s good enough. Don’t try to be someone else. Don’t try to be like someone else, don’t try to act like someone else, be yourself. Be secure with yourself.

Frank Ocean – Be Yourself

If there’s one particular track I don’t like too much, it would most likely be Pretty Sweet because I just can’t make out what the fuck is going on. I don’t hate it or even really dislike it but sound wise its definitely the messiest song on the album but it seems like that was what Frank was going for.

So that’s my review on the album. Easily one of my favorite albums of the year not just because its Frank Ocean but because it was so well done. Frank worked his ass off on this album and it shows with each track being wonderfully written, produced and crafted with such intense emotion. It’s a brilliant album and I’m glad it’s getting the attention and praise and cash money it deserves. As I said before, if you want to read my review on the album before this one, Endless, you can. That post doesn’t just review the album but it gives background on how long I’ve been a fan of Frank and all that good stuff. Dicks out for Frank Ocean.

I have a few album reviews I want to release based on albums that have come out earlier in the year that I really liked (Jon Bellion, Gallant, Chance the Rapper, etc.) so I will get to writing and posting those as soon as possible. Movie review wise….I don’t think I have anything planned for that. I haven’t seen trailers for anything that have interested me lately. Maybe I’ll do a few reviews for movies that have come out earlier in the year but I still haven’t seen like Jason Bourne, Independence Day Resurgence and some other stuff. Not sure maybe, let’s see what happens. Maybe I’ll go torture myself with the Fantastic Four reboot and write about it.

Otherwise, thanks for reading. Catch you next time.



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