Suicide Squad = Most Meh Comic Book Movie of 2016

Suicide Squad. DC’s next cinematic universe attempt is here at last and it was okay. After the clusterfuck disaster that was Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, DC needed a good project to restore some faith that was lost for the DC Cinematic Universe. I think they did okay with this entry. They didn’t do as good as I hoped but they didn’t do nearly as bad as the critics made it out to be. When I found out this movie was scoring LESS than BvS, I was getting a little scared. You would have to be really hard pressed to be able to make more of a mess than BvS but SS wasn’t that bad. It was enjoyable at times with decent characters, good action and….that’s pretty much it. I can’t say I was a big fan of the story because I felt like it didn’t fit with the characters that were being used. There will be some minor spoilers that were shown in some of the trailers for the movie so be aware. Let’s get down to it.



Amanda Waller decides its a good idea to round up a group of dangerous (but the most without superpowers) villains to assemble a expendable task force that can do things without being associated with the government. These expendable villains are outfitted with explosives in their necks so if they try to get away or do anything they’re not supposed to, boom they die. The trailers never explicitly say who the Squad is facing off against but you can kind of guess who it has to do with. I won’t spoil it because it’s not very difficult to guess who.




Deadshot, El Diablo, Amanda Waller and Harley Quinn: With the shit ton of characters crammed into a 2 hour and 10 minute long movie, there were bound to be a ton that just weren’t gonna get much focus. Fortunately these 4 did not fall victim to that. They were arguably the best written and best acted characters in the entire film. Will Smith did Deadshot justice outside of not showcasing his suicidal tendencies, Margot Robbie did her best to bring a cartoon character to life and I honestly think she did well enough to make it work. I’m impartial on her character design unlike most Harley fans, I honestly think this is something she would wear considering her outfit choices after she decided to ditch the Harlequinn costume so I was okay with it. Viola Davis made Amanda Waller out to be the bitch a lot of people surprisingly don’t know she is especially with what she does near the end of the movie so kudos to her. Oh and I thought Katana was awesome in the limited screen time she got. Action wise she nailed it and her design looks fantastic.


Now who surprised me the most was El Diablo. This is a character I knew absolutely nothing about and he ended up very surprisingly being the best part of the whole movie! He had a rather tragic backstory, cool (heh) powers and ultimately ended up being the only super powered member of the squad which ended up being a gigantic deal considering the whole reason the Squad gets together in the first place. I wasn’t really sold on him caring about the Squad like he said he did but the story dictated that all of the characters care about each other to an extent so it didn’t bother me too much. His backstory was legit and exposition during the bar scene was great stuff in my opinion. Easily the most developed character in the story that wasn’t forced cause he wasn’t being played by a top actor/actress and being main characters (see Will Smith and Margot Robbie).

el diablo.jpg


The Editing:

Now I’m not sure if BvS and SS ended up sharing the same editor or some shit but SS ended up sharing some of the issues that BvS which was pacing and some abrupt ends to particular scenes. One scene in particular that bothered me was the Joker flashback scenes with the random thug in the night club area and Batman. It wasn’t filmed as a actual scene but more like a montage so you had very abrupt cuts in the dialogue and character movement which made for some awkward viewing in my opinion.
It really seems like SS was filmed in the same way that BvS was in the sense that there was a shit ton of footage filmed and a ton of it wasn’t seen in the final cut of the movie.
Which is a bad thing because it causes pacing issues and doesn’t explain certain things that happen in the movie (including stuff we saw in the various trailers that didn’t even make the movie).

The Story:

It just didn’t fit with the characters involved in the movie. The only super powered member on the team was El Diablo. Deadshot’s human, Harley’s human, Flagg’s human, Boomerang’s human and so is Katana (kinda idk). And Killer Croc’s….a thing. How the fuck were they going to tackle a giant destruction portal? The story seemed like more for the Justice League OR AN ACTUAL SUPERHERO to handle, not a bunch of ill equipped second tier bad guys. It just didn’t fit in my opinion. It was ill suited for a “team” like this quite frankly.


The Joker:

I did not like mobster Joker for shit. I’m all for different interpretations of characters as long as they prove entertaining and true to the character in some shape and form.
I wasn’t a fan of the initial character design but I was willing to give it a chance but based on what I saw in the movie I can’t say I liked the appearance or performance at all.
This Joker played by Jared Leto was more of a thug than anything. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a Joker that’s growled more than he laughed. This dude looked and acted like he belonged in a Marilyn Manson music video. It was just not a very entertaining Joker. Joker’s usually a lot more civilized, charismatic and elegant (for a murderous psychopath) but he was more of a mobster thug here than I’ve ever seen him in a film before. I’m not mad that they butchered his character but the fact of the matter is that they really did. The relationship between him and Harley was also butchered with her not at all being abused by him in any of the scenes that they shared together. So honestly this Joker was all kinds of wrong but I didn’t mind it so much cause he was barely involved in the movie.


Might have been a good thing

Final Verdict:

I didn’t hate the movie. I liked it actually. It was fun at times, most of the characters were engaging and somewhat interesting. When a character that was barely in it is the worst part of the movie, you can’t really complain about it. You can’t really praise it either. it was just a bunch of okay. The top characters in Deadshot, Harley and El Diablo and action made this movie somewhat memorable.

I just want to apologize for disappearing for two months. I didn’t see any movies that I thought were worth reviewing and then I realized my format for reviewing albums was wayyyy too long winded and exhausting so I’m going to change up how I review albums. I will still review the albums that came out during that time frame, just give me some time to put them up. I will also be putting up reviews of albums that I listened to earlier in the year that I never wrote about (cause this website didn’t exist!) so look out for that.


Otherwise, thanks for reading. Catch you next time.




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