Drake Views Review

So here it is. My first music review will be on what is most arguably the biggest rap album of the year in the form of Views from Drake. His first “album” since 2013’s Nothing Was The Same, it’s primed for big sales numbers as a result from all the hype from his most recent projects “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” a surprise you gotta pay for “mixtape” and “What a Time to Be Alive” another you gotta pay for “mixtape. Both released in 2015, the hype for the latest album has been real ranging from memes that were given birth from Hotline Bling to his feud with Meek Mill. Did he live up to it? Let’s find out track by track. But first a little history behind me and the artist in question.


I first heard of Drake during high school when his song “Best I Ever Had” dropped and was spreading like cancer. I didn’t have much of a diverse music taste back then. I listened to whatever came up on the radio from time to time (whenever I actually heard the radio) and rock/metal. I was just starting to transition from radio stuff to rock, metal and indie rock. So I didn’t have much of a relationship with Drake’s music until after 2010ish when I started listening to Thank Me Later. But I really started liking his music when Take Care dropped. That’s still my favorite album of his to date. I thought Nothing Was the Same was good but pretty damn bitchy that stems from this one line

Cause I love me, I love me enough for the both of us

So history aside, Views dropped and I was excited even though the latest songs from the albums were okay. Pop Style was disappointed for featuring “The Throne” which was a reference to Kanye West’s and Jay-Z’s “Watch the Throne” album but Jay-Z spit a bar and bounced, Drake said the worst line of 2016 (read later) and Kanye was Kanye.

Take you to the garage and do some karate, chop it, chop it, chop it, chop it sipping sake.

One Dance was for the radio which I’m not complaining about cause its fantastic but I wasn’t sure that these songs were indicative of what to expect on the album.  Then you got Hotline Bling which I loved more for the memes it produced from the music video than the actual song.

But the album dropped so let’s discuss it track by track.



  1. Keep The Family Close – Drake opens up with a really slow pseudo-ballad about a supposed broken friendship. For some reason I kept thinking it was referring to Nicki Minaj the entire song but apparently it isn’t. Honestly I like it even with some cringe-worthy lines

    Always saw you for what you could’ve been
    Ever since you met me
    Like When Chrysler made that one car that looked just like the Bentley

    Bruh. But sound-wise, with all the drums and instrumentation, it’s definitely something Drake doesn’t do regularly.

  2. 9 – I really dig the production on this one. This is something you put on blast in your car or in your house and just vibe to. Drake spends the entire song shouting out Toronto which is okay. It’s just something he absolutely loves to do. Even to the point where he says something as bad as this

    Keeping people fed is my only peace of mind now
    And I turn the six upside down, it’s a nine now

    Drake get out.

  3. U With Me?


    is pretty much what I scream to every girl I ever wanted to be with. Not really but gotta say Drake is pretty damn good at making really catchy hooks.

  4. Feel No Ways – Tied with With You and Controlla for my favorite song on the album, the production on this thing is top notch with one of the catchier hooks on the entire album. Honestly the lyrics aren’t even my favorite part about the song, it’s definitely the production from Jordan Ullman of Majid Jordan fame. He just kills it especially on 2:45-3:10. Oh man oh man. Yet another classic Drake song about women, gotta love it.
  5. Hype – In my opinion, Hype was the weakest track on the album production wise. Catchy chrous with braggadocios verses, it’s what you would expect from a Drake hype song but with a subliminal you might actually sleep on

    I don’t run out of material
    You shouldn’t speak on me, period
    You tried to give ‘em your side of the story
    They heard it, but they wasn’t hearing it


    Meek where you at

  6. Weston Road Flows – Noah back on the production with this track and its fantastic. Drake goes off without a hook or a chorus and it’s pretty nice. Once again bragging about success. I was personally more about the production than the lyrics here.
  7. Redemption – If you like feels about yo ex, this is the song for you. That’s all I’ma say on it. Yet another song about women.
  8. With You – PartyNextDoor and Drake reunite for another dope collab about women. One of my favorite tracks on the album highlighted by the hook and the easy to move to sound.
  9. Faithful – Another great song about women highlighted by features, one by the late Pimp C that doesn’t oddly feel out of place and OVO newcomer dvsn. It’s got that Take Care vibe quite honestly and I dig it.
  10. Still Here – I really don’t know what to say about this track. I thought it was okay. You can easily bump this in the car or at home but otherwise it’s not that memorable. Outro was definitely dope.
  11. Controlla – So the album version of this song in my opinion is just so much better than the one that got leaked with Popcaan. This one also includes a sample of Beenie Man’s  “Tear Off Mi Garment” which I thought was cool. The island vibe is still there and the breakdown before the final chorus was everything. One of the better tracks on the album for sure. Also another song about women.
  12. One Dance – The lead single for the album and there’s no question why. The sound is fantastic, it’s catchy and it makes you dance which is exactly what you want from your lead single. I don’t like that it’s so damn short but it’s whatever. It’s currently #2 on the Billboard 100. Just gotta see if it can dethrone Panda. Also yet ANOTHER song about women.
  13. Grammys – Honestly, the one song I just didn’t like off the album. Future….is an acquired taste. I generally don’t like his music. I kinda like his Low Life song featuring the Weeknd and I LOVE Change Locations featuring Drake but otherwise I’m not a fan. I just couldn’t get into this song because of him. Drake is okay here but then Future comes in with this super annoying hook and I just gotta hit skip.

    They gon’ think I won a Grammy
    They gon’ think I won a Grammy
    Swervin’ out the Panoramic
    I’m hangin’ out, they can’t stand me
    They gon’ think I won a Grammy
    They gon’ think I won a Grammy
    They gon’ think I won a Grammy
    They gon’ think I won a Grammy
    I’m showin’ out, they can’t stand me
    I’m showin out, they can’t stand me
    I’m swervin’ off, they can’t stand me
    I’m err off, can’t stand me
    They gon’ think I won a Grammy
    They gon’ think I won a Grammy
    They gon’ think I won a Grammy
    They gon’ think I won a Grammy

    Fucking. Annoying.

  14. Child’s Play – Here’s another poppy track. Which I totally don’t mind cause it’s pretty easy going. I can definitely imagine myself playing this song throughout the summer especially with that hook.

    I say bounce that shit like woah
    Yeah, bounce that shit like woah
    This is not a fairytale, I already know how you like it
    Take you to the mall and get you a new outfit
    Girl that’s just some child’s play
    Bounce that shit like, woah, woah, woah

    Also it’s about women.

  15. Pop Style – Okay so here’s Pop Style again but without Jay-Z and Kanye West. Drake ends up spitting another verse in place of Kanye’s But for some reason this line is still here.

    Got so many chains they call me Chaining Tatum

    I think the second verse is okay honestly. Drake continues to brag about his success and even though it’s true, I think he could have gone a different route. Maybe have a different subject matter. The beat’s cool thou.

  16. Too Good – Here comes Drake collaborating with Rihanna to make another poppy song that’s gonna be overplayed to death….. for good reason. This song has that summer feel which was obviously intentional but its okay because it is just fantastic and continues to highlight the chemistry between the two.
    I think this song is about women.
  17. Summer’s Over Interlude – I have mixed feelings on this track. It’s not even a Drake track, it features Majid of Majid Jordan fame singing throughout the short track. As beautiful as it is, I don’t know if it truly fits on the album. I don’t mind it but like I said, it’s not a Drake track.
  18. Fire & Desire – The certified “We gon make babies to this shit” song of the album. Goddamn. Sampling some Brandi with production from one of the GOATs 40, it’s slow, it’s smooth and absolutely fucking fantastic. That Brandi sample resonating throughout the song is just amazing and then you combine with Drake’s singing and you got something truly beautiful. Also I think this is the last song about women.
  19. Views – So this song is the conclusion to the album and Drake tries his best to make it sound epic. Lyric wise not so much but production wise. I love the general sound of it all. It feels like an epic conclusion but I guess I don’t think the same of Drake’s lyrics. Doesn’t feel like he’s progressed. He started the album braggadocios (not including Keep the Family Close) and ends the album in the same way and that feels a bit lacking for a superstar such as Drake.
  20. BONUS – Hotline Bling – Something tells me we’ll be hearing this song all summer. It doesn’t fit on the album but I still dig it. Mostly because of the memes.

Favorite songs in no particular order: Fire & Desire, Controlla, Child’s Play, With You, Feel No Ways and Faithful.

Throwaway songs in no particular order: Hype, Views and Grammys.

Final Verdict:

I generally loved the album. It’s something you can easily move to, though it took me another listen to actually dig it. First time I listened to it I thought it was average. Now overall in the grand scheme of Drake albums, it probably does fall into average. It certainly isn’t better than Take Care and I’m kinda impartial to Nothing Was the Same. I feel like this was just new Drake music. He didn’t really progress or go to the next level. Dude spent a summer destroying Meek Mill’s life then went back to business expanding his catalogue of Drake tracks that sound like Drake. Like half of the album was about women (not that that’s a problem). Noah 40’s sound is getting every so better but Drake….is still Drake. Not that that’s a bad thing cause I love the album and almost 2 weeks later, I’m still listening to it constantly.

So that was my first music review. Hope it wasn’t a total mess. Comment what you thought of the review and or the album so we can have a discussion about it. Uhh, another rapper I listen to dropped his first album in three years and I’m going to his show here in NY on Saturday so I’ll most likely be writing about him next. His name is Astronautalis, real indie dude. I dig him.
Until then.

Thanks for reading. Catch you next time.



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