Captain America Civil War Triumphs

Goddamn, now that’s what epic superhero movies are made of.

Fuck it, I don’t have an intro for this. I’ma just go for it and talk about the movie.


I’m thinking about making another blog post talking about the spoiler parts of the movie. Maybe after the weekend when I see the movie again. Let’s get started.



So the movie begins with a flashback to 1991 focused on Bucky aka the Winter Soldier. We get to see brainwashed Bucky committing a murder and retrieving some kind of experiment for Hydra. Fast forward to present time where we follow Captain America and part of the Avengers in Falcon, Scarlet Witch and Black Widow try to apprehend Crossbones and stop him from unleashing a biological weapon. Fast forward to after the mission where the government in the form of former General Ross from the Incredible Hulk movie confront the Avengers about their existence and whether or not they need to be controlled. As you saw in the many trailers, Cap doesn’t agree with that but Tony Stark believes they may be on to something and agrees to the terms the government gives to them which effectively splits the team into different viewpoints. I thought the arguments on both sides were pretty logical and fair and it serves as the main story line of the movie. But there’s more than meets the eye.




  • The characters. Let me go through each character individually that I felt was integral to the movie’s success:Captain America. Pretty much the heart of the movie since it’s technically Captain America 3. I was Team Cap all the way. Great character, great action scenes, easy guy to get behind with his utter loyalty to Bucky and just in general logical thinking.
    Iron Man. He raised some decent points for the agreement for superheros to be sanctioned by the government but I feel he didn’t really shine until his scene with Spidey and then of course the climax. I won’t be spoiling anything but I really did get feels near the end and a big reason of that was because of Mr.RDJ. Hope he sticks around as Iron Man for a little bit longer.

    The Winter Soldier.
    Bucky had his time to shine in Captain America the Winter Soldier and quite frankly he was a badass. He’s a big part of Civil War and even shows some humor in some scenes which is refreshing.

    Black Panther.
    I will be the first to admit, I don’t know shit about Black Panther. I’m hardly a Marvel Comics fan so his character and origin is totally alien to me. But he was fantastic here. Chadwick Boseman is one hell of a versatile actor and he showed it here. The suit looks fantastic, his actions scenes were just as good and there honestly wasn’t anything to dislike about him being in the movie.

    Seeing Spidey on the same screen as Iron Man and Captain America was truly awesome and it helps that he was characterized right. He was funny, he was witty, he was in total awe of being in the presence of Captain America. Spidey is the epitome of every nerdy kid dreaming about being a superhero and he looked great on screen. Kudos Tom Holland. I wish you future success with the role of Spider-Man.

    He probaley has the least amount of screentime of all the characters in the movie BUUUUUUUT he has one of the most awesome moments in the movie. That’s a spoiler so I can’t discuss it. Watch the movie and find out.Captain-America-Civil-War-2-Trailer-Ant-Man-Arrow

    He spends a lot of time with Cap and Bucky throughout the movie and develops a bit of a funny relationship with Bucky. I liked him a lot especially during his bits in the big airport fight.

    Overall, all the characters got to shine (Vision was pretty cool to be honest and Hawkeye was as witty as you would expect) but I don’t feel like writing about them all so there you go.


  • Screen time and character development.
    What I’m truly happy about is the massive amount of characters being in this movie yet all of them were treated to a fair amount of screen time and character development. Ranging from Ant-Man being in disbelief from meeting Captain America to Rhodes (War Machine) almost unequivocally siding with Tony when the discussion of the Avengers being under the control of a centralized government begins to Black Panther’s motivations for going after Bucky, movies have proven it is difficult to give characters the screen time they need to develop and establish themselves but Civil War did that just fine in 2 and a half hours.Captain-America-Civil-War-concept-art-1.jpg
  • The story. This was honestly going to make or break the movie. Having a story that warranted a 2 and a half movie featuring 12 superheroes that will give enough screen time development to each is just not an easy thing to do. It’s very easy to flood a movie that long with action and also very easy to make one half of the movie boring as shit (Don’t See Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice).
     But Civil War managed to balance the action, the story and the character development and it made for a very interesting, very thrilling, and an emotional time. It even had humor too courtesy of the more talkative members of the MCU (Antman, Spidey and Iron Man).Captain-America-Civil-War-Trailer-1-Iron-Man-War-Machine

  • The action. Gotta give it to Marvel, I was pretty damn excited seeing Spider-Man fight during the big airport scene. Everything about that scene was great and there was plenty of action scattered across different parts of the movie. All of it was well done ESPECIALLY the climatic and rather emotional final fight scene. Geeezus christ, I got the feels like you wouldn’t believe and tensed up at various parts cause I honestly didn’t know where it was going to go and how it was going to end. I was invested all the way and that’s what you want during a good ass fight scene.



Pacing. For the first hour of the movie, I actually thought it was dragging. I didn’t think it was boring but I just thought it was a little slow. But after the movie was done, I realized it was all part of the build up to the airport fight scene and then the emotional climax near the end. Otherwise, I don’t think it was a con. Just what I was thinking at the time. If you want to count that as a flaw, go right ahead but I didn’t think it was that big of a deal.



Final Verdict:


I loved the movie. I loved seeing Spider-Man be able to interact with the big hitters of the MCU. I loved seeing Black Panther being a beast. I loved the humor. I loved the stories behind both sides. I loved the heart to heart from Captain America and Iron Man. I loved….well I think you get it. Civil War was a very well written superhero movie that did well action wise and story wise and did excellent work with all the characters involved so I’m beyond ecstatic with how the movie turned out. Like I said with the conclusion of my Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice review, the formula to making a good superhero movie is relatively simple:

Good story, good action, good characters.

Civil War did all that and more and it makes me beyond excited for Infinity War. Hopefully we’ll get to see Deadpool, Daredevil and the X-Men in some shape or form, let’s keep our fingers crossed. I mean we got Spidey and who called that?
Until then.

Thanks for reading. Catch you next time.


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