Keanu Review

So I went ahead and saw a movie centered around a cat.


And it was fun.

Keanu is a movie about a cat written by the comedy duo behind Key and Peele, Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key.
I’m not gonna lie, I’m not at all familiar with their brand of comedy. But I have heard of them throughout the years and despite not being familiar with them at all, I decided to check out this movie based on the premise. I mean how often do you hear about an ACTION kinda movie centered around a cat? Which I guess its why it appealed to me so much. It basically parodied every action movie out there that centers itself around a particular thing. Women, drugs, money, etc. So on to the review.


  • The story centers around 2 guys, Rell and Clarence. Clarence is married albeit unhappy while Rell had just broken up with his girlfriend. In the midst of his current depression, Rell comes upon a kitten left/found on his doorstep and becomes enamored with it. Then someone breaks into his house and steals it. There begins the quest for the rescue of Keanu who turns out to be in the hands of a gang called the Blips.
    As I said before, the story parodies the tropes of famous action movies by placing the cat as the object and or person that needs to be saved. I think it’s done well enough, obviously not well enough to justify a cat being the main subject of the movie but that’s why it’s a comedy. It’s not meant to be taken seriously.

gangsta cat.jpeg


  • The characters. Including Keanu which is the whole reason I think the movie was even interesting enough to watch, Rell, Clarence and the gang they try to infiltrate are pretty funny to watch. The gang members are stereotypical but so are Rell and Clarence and regardless of that, they were still pretty funny because the interactions between the two were well done.


  • The story. A action comedy movie about a cat. Nuff’ said.


  • The comedy: This movie definitely had more hits than it did misses. It had self referential humor, racial humor (le best kind) and coupled with the characters, it honestly worked. Which is what you want in a movie about a fucking cat.

keanu point break


  • I couldn’t find any to be honest with you. As any comedy will, not all the jokes will land. But none of them really bothered me and none of them made me think “Oh this is a shitty movie”. Did the movie try too on some aspects? Sure, its a action comedy about a cat, it kinda needs to. But did it drag down how much I enjoyed the movie? As one of the characters movies constantly said in the movie; nahhhhhhhhhhhhh.


No, he isn’t the character that said it but I couldn’t find a pic of him.


Final Verdict:

I enjoyed the movie for what it’s worth. A fun comedy about a fucking cat that the characters do a few questionable things to get back all in the name of love. Just don’t go into the movie expecting a serious story or characters cause that’s not at all what you’re gonna get. It’s all jokes and it’s pretty fun.


Well Captain America Civil War is this week and I’m seeing it multiple times so you can expect a long review on that one. Well at least longer than this one anyway. Also, I completely forgot to write about Flash the last two weeks, I will try to write about it this week. Or maybe I’ll only write about season finales. I’m still undecided. ALSO Drake’s newest album just came out and that will be the first music article featured on the website. I will be doing a bit of a track by track layered with a general opinion of the album so you can expect that in a few days.
Until then.

Thanks for reading. Catch you next time.


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