Hardcore Henry is Hardcore Fun

Excuse the horrible title but it’s honestly the best way to describe the movie without spoiling it and sounding like a wannabe critic at the same time.  We’re gonna keep this short and sweet and go straight to talking about the movie. Hardcore Henry is an action movie filmed in the first person perspective so it’s pretty often likened to popular video games like Doom, Halo and Call of Duty. If you haven’t heard about the movie, check out a trailer on Youtube and hopefully be impressed.

Uhhh, I’m gonna attempt to actually make this review SPOILER FREE because I enjoyed it so much I would like other people to enjoy it without spoiling my favorite parts of the movie.




Hardcore Henry is the story of this man brought back to life and turned into a cyborg. We have no prior history of Henry except a flashback scene of him being bullied by kids and then being called a pussy by his father played by Tim Roth. He wakes up in the beginning of the movie being consoled by his wife who literally rebuilds him but then gets promptly attacked by a group of mercenaries and this telekinetic super ugly blonde dude called Akan who wants to build an army of soldiers just like Henry so he kidnaps his wife to force her to make more .The story is bare bones as it gets but it definitely doesn’t detract from how awesome the movie is. Just go into the movie expecting good action, you’ll enjoy it way more that way.



  • The first person perspective. I did not mind it at all, maybe because it wasn’t filmed all in one shots. Throughout scenes in the movie such as running, walking and what not, the scene would cut to the next part as to avoid the mundane parts and skip to the more interesting or action parts. This editing technique actually works because as the story tells you, Henry is a cyborg and he actually temporarily shuts down during a part of the movie so the cutting between seconds is logical. I had a friend get a little dizzy during a few of the running and falling parts but outside of that, I thought it was pretty dope.


Behind the scenes photo of how they actually filmed the sniping scene

  • The story. Even though there wasn’t much story to begin with outside of kill a ton of bad guys in crazy and gross ways to save your girl, I liked it. I liked the explanation behind Jimmy’s special ability to be Kenny from South Park and I liked the twist at the end. They never explain Akan’s telekinesis but since he does get hurt from exerting himself, I think it’s safe to assume he’s been through some procedure or is a cyborg himself. He does have a comic called Hardcore Akan which I picked up the first issue of at the Hardcore Henry Ultimate Fan Screening so I will be checking that out as soon as possible. It seems like the film will use the comic to explain his powers.

Can’t lie, I’d kill tons of people to save that too. Prolly like 4.

  • The characters. Jimmy played by Sharlto Copley. Fucking Jimmy man. I loved this guy. Without spoiling anything, this particular character is the character of exposition. He pretty much explains Henry’s existence, what he needs to survive and ultimately give him the means to get to Akan to try to save her wife. He’s awesome as awesome can be.

94135967My favorite Jimmy.

  • Henry. The dude doesn’t speak at all. Turns out his vocal modulator is busted (or hasn’t been installed, I can’t recall) so he can’t speak outside of grunts, breathing and panting. He doesn’t utter a word, not even during the final fight where a one liner would be most appropriate. This isn’t a pro, this is just an FYI.
    He’s really good at killing people. And this
    Kill him, he nose everything!
  • The bloody action: Holy fuck is this movie full of gore or what. People get decapitated, stabbed in the eye, kicked down an escalator, all kinds of stuff. It’s great, it’s fucking great. This movie was marketed as a pure unadulterated action movie and it definitely delivered.




  • None. I didn’t really see any cons outside of the bare bones story which was the least of my worries about a movie that was marketed the way Hardcore Henry was. It was never going to be about the story, it was going to be about the action and it honestly delivered on that end. It was a lot of fun to watch and view it in the first person perspective. Bones cracking, faces breaking, guns firing, all of that kind of stuff was straight up awesome.


Final Verdict:

If you love action and don’t mind gore, check this movie out. It was a lot of fun to watch and great to see movies trying something new for the first time on a low budget ($10 million) and in my opinion, working out.  Just don’t come in expecting a masterpiece of a story because it doesn’t really care about that. It’s all in your face (literally) action and something to behold because it does it differently in a fun way.


I don’t have any plans to see any more movies until Civil War comes out in May. Might go see 10 Cloverfield Lane again and this time write about it. Walking Dead’s gone until October. Flash comes back in two weeks. If anything interesting comes out between now and then, I’ll write about it. Until then.

Thanks for reading. Catch you next time.


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