Justice League vs Teen Titans: Another Mediocre DC Animated Feature.


Justice League vs Teen Titans. The latest DC animated movie continues a long string of mediocre DC animated features since DC opted to include the DC animated universe in the whole new 52 reboot and man has the overall quality gone down as a result. I was born in 1992 so I ended up growing up with the DC animated universe being formed from Batman the Animated Series, Superman the Animated Series and of course the Justice League. In addition to that, we had shows like the Teen Titans, Static Shock and oh yeah Batman Beyond.  Man, what a time to be alive. In addition to those shows, we also had a decent string of animated movies that accompanied them such as Superman/Batman Public Enemies, Justice League Crisis on Two Earth, Batman: Under the Red Hood, All Star Superman, Justice League Doom and Batman the Dark Knight Returns.  I honestly believe those shows and most of the movies captured the essence of the characters they featured. Superman the big blue boy scout, Batman the brooding loner, Wonder Woman, the headstrong and beautiful warrior and so on and so forth. So you can kinda see why I think the current line of DC animated movies are kinda…okay. They use the New 52 versions of the DC characters rather than the ones that have been around for quite a bit now so they don’t quite have the same feel. So now with some backstory on how I feel about the animated universe in general, let’s move on to the review. I will attempt to make this review spoiler free so let’s do this.




  • Alright so the story of the movie isn’t at all what the title makes it out to be. It’s mostly about Robin being forced to become a part of the Teen Titans after getting involved (in an actual good way) with a Justice League fight. We find out here the New 52 Teen Titans (or at least this animated movie’s Teen Titans) consist of Beast Boy, Blue Beetle (who actually look like their Young Justice counterparts holy crap), Starfire and Raven. So part of the movie consists of Robin trying to fit in with the Teen Titans but failing miserably due to his upbringing while another part deals with a sort of fog demon thing is going about everywhere possessing various people and making them far more aggressive and stronger than they usually are. Just look at the cover of the movie. You’ll know who it is.
    So that’s the story without spoilers. I’m sorry I couldn’t make the story sound more interesting. It honestly isn’t.


  • The art. The art is nice. The character designs for Blue Beetle and Beast Boy are the ones I was most excited about because they look really similar to how they looked in Young Justice which was a really awesome show. Raven in civilian clothes was pretty interesting considering I cannot recall a single moment where she wasn’t in her robe during the Teen Titans show. The Justice League looked pretty decent along with the main bad guy of the movie (AGAIN LOOK AT THE COVER) which I won’t spoil so all in all, it’s a good looking movie.tumblr_o1qnpbAYGp1tag0azo4_1280.png
  • Beast Boy.  He seemed pretty in tune with how he usually was in Teen Titans which was a corny semi-funny dude with a big heart. I think they did him well.




  • The dialogue. Man, I think it was a combination of okay voice acting combined with okay writing. I’m not sure why but I felt like everybody felt extremely monotone other than Beast Boy and Robin. But I hate Robin’s voice so I can’t even use him as an example. Everybody just came off as really bland and unexcited. I can expect that from Raven because that’s generally her M.O. but there’s a lot of different and varied characters here so I don’t see why Beast Boy was the only one that stood out of the pack. The characters. Back on the point of the characters feeling bland and unexciting, they weren’t very interesting either. The Justice League was barely involved in the movie and when they were, all they were doing was fighting so most of the focus fell on the Teen Titans which was okay. I didn’t mind that but I didn’t really care for them either. Everybody was just there. Robin’s still an annoying brat after like 3 movies so yeah. No bueno.Justice-League-vs-Teen-Titans-Trailer
  • The story: I can’t spill story details without spoiling the movie so I’ll just say most of it details with Raven’s origin. If you know about her origin, then you’ll know what the movie’s gonna be about (THE COVER, LOOK AT THE COVER).
    I thought it was done okay.  I didn’t really care for it because it wasn’t really done in an interesting way.


Final Verdict:

I thought Justice League vs Teen Titans was like most of the New 52 animated universe movies: It was okay. Not horrible, but not exactly something to write home about. It didn’t stand out but it didn’t completely fall on its face. More like its knees. I don’t know man.

I want the old animated universe back. At least, we got a Killing Joke animated movie coming out soon.

Thanks for reading.  Catch you next time.


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